Frequently asked questions

Can I order if I don't live in the Creston Valley?

You certainly can, however we only offer in store pickup or delivery within the Creston Valley, so you can order things for someone you know in the area or arrange to have them accept your goods on your behalf. We do not offer shipping outside of the Creston Valley at this time.

Where does your produce come from?

We grow our own tomatoes, peppers, greens and cucumbers in our greenhouses right here at our Garden Centre in Creston BC. Our herbs, microgreens and assorted veggies that are labelled as"inhouse" also come from our garden centre location. All the other produce that we sell, such as carrots, potatoes and garlic have been grown at Yaqan Nukiy Farms our affiliate located on "the flats" here in the Creston Valley.

How can I pick up or get my order delivered?

The Health and Safety of our staff, customers and community is paramount. At this time we are doing our best to ensure you can get the items you need from us in a way that requires the least amount of contact as possible, therefore we ask that you are willing to cooperate in allowing us to do drop off deliveries rather than the tradition door to door service we previously offered. Your items will be left at the requested location on your property, likewise if you are picking up goods at our store, we will coordinate times that reduce the number of people present during the transaction. This is a direct response to the current COVID-19 Health Emergency we are experiencing.