Jess's pick is all about organic, she loves growing a big kitchen garden that incorporates flowers for cutting and for companion planting. She has also included a few sprouting seeds for your kitchen counter. Her selection includes:


Carrots - Scarlet Nantes

Beets - Detroit Dark Red

Lettuce - Red Salad Bowl

Mesclun Mix

Radish - French Breakfast

Pea - Oregon Sugar Pod

Bean - Tengreen

Bean - Golden Wax

Swiss Chard - Rainbow

Kale - Red Russian

Corn - Supersweet 2171

Cilantro, Basil, Dill, Parsley

For sprouting: Mustard and Alfalfa


Sunflowers - Monets Palette and Velvet Queen

Marigold - Queen Sophie and CrackerJack

Zinnia - Lilliput Mix




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